Entrant support

In 2016 we are offering a range of initiatives to support entrants entering the Awards.


Entrant development workshops

The workshops are compulsory for the serious awards contender!  Our workshops will explain the submission process in detail, clarify the questions and help you to ensure you are not only creatively and passionately stating your case but that you have the hard evidence to support your claims.  We cover all details from the big picture through to the fine details.  We bring together a range of experts to help and inspire you. You will hear from Industry experts, previous award-winners, even those who helped write the questions!  In 2016 we are taking a new approach and even if you have entered previously we strongly urge you to make the time to attend the workshops.

Workshop 1 – Thursday June 2, 2016.  9am – 11.30am with facilitator Todd Wright of Threesides Marketing at King O’Malley’s, 131 City Walk, Canberra


Workshop 2 – Thursday August 4, 2016.  9am – 11.00am with facilitator Todd Wright of Threesides Marketing at King O’Malley’s, 131 City Walk, Canberra


Submission mentoring program

In 2016 we are offering an expanded mentoring program.

Judge Brainstorm – When you have nominated you can book in a judge feedback session with one or two judges.  We ask you to provide a meeting space, your key senior execs/ team members and a light lunch.  We provide 2 judges and run a 60-90 minute session where we help get the creativity flowing for your submission.


One on One mentoring – As you go through the process an experienced mentor will be made available to review your question and give you feedback.  We envisage 2 sessions during the submission preparation.


Final Submission Review – Our experienced submission mentor will read your submission and provide a written critique detailing areas for improvement and enhancement.

To take part, you need to send a completed draft submission through to the Awards coordinator. Your submission must be in a complete form, with all questions answered. Whilst it is useful to provide a submission that has been formatted and designed, it is not essential. Written feedback will be provided within seven business days. Entrants will then have time before the submission due date to incorporate the feedback and suggestions.

There is no cost to receive written feedback from the mentor (that’s right, it’s free!).

For further details, please contact the Awards coordinator.